Friday, February 09, 2007

JD Drew Eats Like Jesus

Red Sox $70 million dollar man has found a new diet regimen:

His lifestyle change came when Drew, a born-again Christian, learned of the Maker's Diet, a dietary approach based on health precepts found in the Bible. The diet includes a product line called Living Fuel, featuring supplement drinks and energy bars that Drew relies on before each game.
I think somewhere in Matthew it says that Jesus liked the Banana From Heaven flavored energy bars the most, and found others either too tough, chalky, or sinful.

Actually, I was all prepared to poke fun at Drew's bible diet, but was informed that it’s the same principle behind keeping kosher. This brings up three things:

1. I now have a more correct understanding of ‘Keeping Kosher’

2. Based on this new definition, I will release the Kosher I have kept in my basement (though I will miss his company).

3. I finally have a title for my sitcom pilot! It’ll be like Judging Amy in the sense that the title plays off her role as a judge. In this case Keeping Kosher will be about a very religious goalie. Who fights crime of course.

Note: Read the whole article to understand just how desperate/crazy Drew is. It's like he hit Michael Jackson's yard sale. Hyperbaric Chamber? Sold!

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