Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NFL LOL Can Haz a Secrets

Grimey's got LOLJocks. Kissing Suzy Kolber has NFL Post Secret. But what about NFL LOL Post Secret? Yeah, I know. What about it.

Photos courtesy of AP Photos and Getty Images

Friday, October 05, 2007

Site Update - I Need a Hug

Your Fantasy Team Sucks is going to be taking a hiatus from all non-FUFL postings for awhile, as I seek to influence the content of Hugging Harold Reynolds. They are gaining respect and readership among the sports blogosphere, and I think I am just the person to put an end to that. I am sure you will agree.

I think the move will provide me the release from the glass cage of emotion I have built for myself. As you can see here, it has its drawbacks:

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FUFL power rankings will continue of course, and at least now I have an excuse for not updating them until Fridays.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ALDS Prediction: Red Sox in... a Bar

After securing the AL East Division win, the Red Sox celebrated in true, humbled form. Players calmly walked onto the field, tipped their caps to the home crowd, signed autographs for every person there, and then held several minutes silence in honor of our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and kids with cancer. That's what really happened. It just appeared that the place went apeshit and a champagne-soaked Jonathan Papelbon removed his pants while performing an irish jig. According to Science-y Stuff in My Head (a medical journal written by yours truly), you saw what you wanted to see, you hedonistic pants-less ass.

The Red Sox then sauntered to a local watering hole, and thanks to some guy named Brandon, we have photographic proof that they responsibly provided revelers with beverages; quenching their thirst for libation and competitive triumph:

Rookie of the Year Candidate Dustin Pedroia leads a prayer to Jesus. Or gasps for air after another huge shot of bourbon - where he's an established veteran.

Coco Crisp screams sweet nothings at her face

Coco Crisp spies another opportunity. This one strapless.

Clay Buchholz shows the proper way to consume a shot. That's pinkie OUT playaz.

Clay Buchholz next demonstrates the intoxicating feeling of moderation.
And how to look out of one eye while trying not to puke.

And what are the Angels doing? Probably practicing and staying hydrated. Bitches.